Highway F1 is an accredited online news publication covering the careers of Australian drivers who want to make it to Formula One.

From karting and Formula 4, to moving overseas and establishing their careers, we seek to give you news and driver profiles on the best racing talent in Australia.

We want you to know the next Australian Formula 1 driver.

With the establishment of the strict “ladder” to Formula One, the road to an F1 drive may be clearer than ever before for Australian drivers. With the growth of Formula 3 and the FIA-endorsed Australian Formula 4, young Australian drivers may not need to head to Europe straight out of karting to follow their dreams of one-day racing in Formula One.

These series, emerging in their importance on the world stage, need media outlets to cover them and provide updates on the young hopefuls racing in them. Highway F1 is here to cover these drivers and their successes, hopefully helping in the larger goal of getting more Australian representation in global motorsport.